Day of Photography

A lovely friend of mine (Carina) pointed out, that today is the Photography Day. But what exactly is the purpose of this day?

Photography Day is all about celebrating things associated with photography. Today you can appreciate your love or passion for photography. It does not matter if you are just an amateur. The important part of this day is that you embrace photography because it makes you happy.

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Comeback For Runners

I used to be a runner. About three years ago I ran three to four times a week. I used to love running. However, this changed rapidly with my first injury. And I would never have thought at that time that this wasn’t going to be my last one. Several others followed – knee problem, back pain, shin splints, Achilles tendon lesion, heel spur and so on. It was just a never ending story. This odyssey of injuries took every single joy I had for sports.  Continue reading

Students In A Workplace

Students have an easy life. University starts at ten o’clock and ends at three. On the weekends they don’t have to learn or prepare. This is not quite true. As a law student here in Switzerland we have often courses from eight to five. However, we are able to shift those lectures and then we may have one or two afternoons off. Although having a lot of free time we end up studying for the next lessons and start writing our summaries so that when the exam season comes we can invest more time into the learning process.

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Life Update

Hello, world!! I’m finally back again🙂 I just had my last exam on Thursday and now I’m feeling so much better and especially relieved.

Sorry that I wasn’t able to post anything proper the last months but I really had to focus on this tests. However, I would love to give you some insights what I’ve been up to this whole time and what will be changing for the future (it will not necessarily have a direct effect on this blog). Continue reading