Who’s Afortnightaway

So, guys, I guess now it’s time to write more about the person behind this blog. I’ve reached the goal I’ve set myself in the beginning of this blogging adventure, where I would spill the beans. In the post Keeping My Blog As A Secret, I told you the one or other thing why I’m staying anonymous. However, within the time I get more and more the urge to share some new things with you and being more open about my blog.

Let Me Introduce Myself

You all know me with the blogger name afortnightaway. If you are wondering how and why I came up with this name, then you can read my post here.

afortnightaway, red coat, umbrella

Well… how do I introduce myself to you if you already know some things about me…

Let’s start from the beginning: My name is obviously not afortnightaway (who guessed that ;-)) My real name is actually Eliane. And you pronounce it in a French way, not a German one. So you don’t say the last e. However, if I’m in an English speaking country it’s often hard for them to pronounce my name correctly. Therefore, I simply just go with the English version of it – Elaine. And I really like this name.

So, hello, dear reader, my name is Elaine and I’m a 20-something Swiss student.


What I’m Up To

At the moment, I’m quite occupied with studying for my upcoming exams. I really need to get a good mark if not it will be hard to continue with my law studies. And whenever I’m not in the library I like to read, listen to music and write.

Luckily, in February, I was able to realise writing as a part-time job for a Quality and Management magazine. I would never have guessed that I was able to write articles. Because in high school my German teacher was never really fond of my essays or in general my writing style. In those four years, I got, to be frank, discouraged a lot by her remarks and grades. I often passed the writing task but never with a good result. This extinguished actually a lot of motivation and joy I had for writing. I started to think that I was simply not a good writer. Self-doubt grew rapidly and even the final essay we had to write was only a sufficient mark. This resulted in me forgetting about how I enjoyed writing.  However, I’m so happy that I rediscovered the joy of it!

In my spare time, I also love to be active and go to the gym. Usually, I belonged to those people who preferred the outdoors and could not imagine themselves lifting weights in a stuffy enclosed room. Nonetheless, it turned out that I like the gym and going regularly has helped me a lot. Not only with improving my posture and with this my self-confident, but also with my back pain.

And besides all the things mentioned, I love spending time with my boyfriend. He is studying as well and therefore we often just have the weekends for us, but we enjoy than our time together even more.

Well… I guess I’ll not be signing my post with afortnightaway from here on…

So, enjoy your week 🙂



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