Donating Your Hair

I did it! It takes some courage to chop off your hair if you’ve grown it carefully to a considerable length. And it will take my about three years to grow it back again. However, I don’t regret it at all.

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My First Lush Bath Bomb

Can you believe that I never tried a bath bomb? Although I love having long baths while listening to music or reading a book. And no, luckily I always managed to keep my book dry 😉 However, yesterday I treated myself with my first Lush Bomb – the Yoga Bomb.

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Essence Nail Polish… Not A Beauty Review

It’s been several months since I’ve bought this nail polish set from Essence.  I usually never paint my nails and if I decide to do so, I always go with a clear coat. Mainly because of one reason: You’re not able to see very good if it’s chipping. However, last weekend I gave this nail polish a try. Let’s be prepared for a none beauty review…

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