Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

Nostalgia. This week’s theme by daily post. To be honest, I had no clue which photograph I should pick. Because every picture taken a few years ago would make me nostalgic. However, there’s one season for me personally which represents nostalgia.
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Brief Update

Thank you guys for hanging in there! I’ve been extremely busy the last months.

In short: One day after my last exam I had an internship in court, five days after the internship I was travelling through Germany. And as soon I was back home again my part time job started. Writing weekly articles for a law blog is a little bit more demanding and time-consuming that I expected. However, after an amazing and wonderful short trip to Barcelona, I had to prepare the lessons for university.

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Day of Photography

A lovely friend of mine (Carina) pointed out, that today is the Photography Day. But what exactly is the purpose of this day?

Photography Day is all about celebrating things associated with photography. Today you can appreciate your love or passion for photography. It does not matter if you are just an amateur. The important part of this day is that you embrace photography because it makes you happy.

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