24 Hours Advice For Exams

There are countless tips and tricks for a good exam preparation. And studying for a test doesn’t start just a day before. Especially not, when you have an important exam coming up. Nevertheless, in this blog post, I would love to share my tips you can do a day before the big day. And obviously, studying tips are not part of this post because, to be frank – who’s able to learn an entire textbook 24 hours before the exam? So better start early with learning, but this is another topic.

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Brainstorming For Bloggers

Coming constantly up with new content can be very challenging especially if you have lots of obligation be it school, university or job. Brainstorming for bloggers works a little bit different than you may think. First it starts with searching an inspiration maybe you see another post which gives you an idea. The second and the utmost crucial step is then to transform it into your own and combining it with your genuine views and notions. There are several possible sources you can find inspiration, so let me start right away. Continue reading

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging

Just a few people who know me personally are aware of my blog. I’m just worried what they may think of me. Because putting your life on the Internet is not something everyone does and although in today’s world it is much more common to tweet about all the things you do or uploading photographs on Instagram or Facebook, I’m still worried that they will think I’m a weirdo.

However, I slowly but steadily open up myself more and more to the Internet. I still will be sticking to the anonymous blogging for the time being.

Nevertheless, even if you keep your blog as a secret there are several reasons, why you should start blogging. Without further ado let’s start
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11 Ways To Increase Your Motivation For Blogging

Blogging for me is a hobby, an activity I pursue in my free time. Nevertheless, like with all other hobbies, you may reach a point where you need an extra motivational push. Generally, writing is something I enjoy in any case but when you have little time left and the necessary inspiration is missing, it’s hard to sit in front of your computer or laptop and start writing. However, there are some few tips and ideas you can try in order to ignite that motivational fire again.
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7 Tips For Blog Organisation And Planning

I know what having a busy schedule means. I have to juggle several things at the same time. Having a lot of commitments can help you with staying motivated because in the end of the day you can be proud of yourself that you were able to manage to do all things. However, there is also a big downside especially if you tend to be a perfectionist, like me. You start to pressure yourself too much and this only results in being your own obstacle.  Continue reading

20 Rules Of Blog Layout

Layout, in general, is indeed a very touchy subject. Some of us prefer vivid colours and lots of photographs or diagrams. Others love a plain website. The main reason for this huge gap is that taste is individual. However, there are some few aspects which needed to be considered when setting up your blog, because reading things on-screen makes us often skim read. Reading a book or a newspaper is much easier and not so tiring for your eyes than reading something from your laptop screen or on your mobile.
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