How To Write Your About Page

A new reader just clicked on your blog. He scrolls down the first page, has a short look at you latest post. He gets curious and reads maybe another one or two. But now, he wants to know more about the writer. He wants to know more about you. Do you have a guess what he will do as next? – Correct, he will click on your “About” page.
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Pre-Writing Blog Posts

Whenever I talk to somebody and try to encourage them to start blogging they often counter my idea with the answer of having no spare time. While thinking about this rare good – the time – a friend of mine comes to my mind, because she always said when I was too busy to do things: “One has not time, one has to take the time.” I used to get annoyed by this sentence because it’s a fact that the day only has 24 hours, however, she was right. Think about the time you wasted on a Saturday morning just lying in your bed. Of course, we need these lazy days from time to time but being productive in the mornings just gives me personally a great feeling of actually being able to achieve something. Continue reading