Brief Update

Thank you guys for hanging in there! I’ve been extremely busy the last months.

In short: One day after my last exam I had an internship in court, five days after the internship I was travelling through Germany. And as soon I was back home again my part time job started. Writing weekly articles for a law blog is a little bit more demanding and time-consuming that I expected. However, after an amazing and wonderful short trip to Barcelona, I had to prepare the lessons for university.

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Vision Kills The Will

About a month ago my father recommended a book to me written by Émile Coué (1857- 1926) a French psychologist and pharmacist. He developed also his own method the Coué Method or also named Couéism. The book is called “Self-Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion” and as it only has roughly 160 pages, I therefore, sat one afternoon down and read it immediately. It was definitely worth it! As it helped me to collect some new insights I would love to share some of the most important thoughts and obviously the main message of it.

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How To Survive The Exam Season

It is stressful whenever there are upcoming exams. This time has on everyone a different impact. For me personally, it can make me aggressive, moody and even a bit depressed. Sometimes I end up in having a little crises and I start asking myself: “Why me? Why do I even bother with my law studies? Is this really the right path?” However, this is completely normal if something similar occurs to you. It is simply called stress. Nevertheless, there are some tips that may help to cope with it.

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