My Feel Good Playlist ~ Me Myself And My Music

About two years ago I made a so-called “Feel Good Playlist” for a friend of mine as we both enjoy listening to the quite similar music. And although I created this music list for my friend I listen to it whenever I need some comfort or motivation. And yesterday was definitely a day when I should have listened to it, but I often I forget that I have it on my iPod. However, I thought I could share it with you. So without further ado – let’s get happy! 🙂

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Alt-J – An Awesome Wave ~ Me Myself And My Music

Hello, I am back again 🙂 Thank you for not letting me down and sticking to my blog. I really needed these weeks in order to focus on my upcoming exams. However, now I have more spare time to invest in blogging, writing and taking photographs – really looking forward to it. I wondered what this post should be about. And after giving it some thoughts, I realised that a new music review was due and why not presenting an album which I listened often while studying for my tests.
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Placebo – Sleeping With Ghosts ~ Me Myself And My Music

I cannot precisely recall the first time I heard the band Placebo. It could be as a soundtrack title of a TV series or on the radio. However, the album Sleeping With Ghosts was the first one I bought and since then I kept on purchasing with great joy their others. Moreover, listening to this album brings up beautiful thoughts of a wonderful time. I connect often music to specific moments I experienced and every time I listen to it again I reminisce about it.  However, the time linked to this album, I will keep for myself 😉
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The Clash ~ Me Myself And My Music

Now, let us talk some music history. As you probably already know from my introductory post to this blog series, I not only like alternative and indie rock but also the wild, chaotic and rebellious punk music. I hope that everyone listening to punk knows this band that actually marked with this album the origins of the British Punk in the late 70s. I am talking about the punk band The Clash.  Continue reading