Guest Post – The Multilingual Blogger

This will be the last guest post for the series FebBlogging. I’m so thrilled to announce today’s writer: it’s Carrie from the blog Carrie Speaking. She definitely belongs to the bloggers I look up to. We first “met” when she asked me to write a guest post for her blog series Equal Rights Week. I was so honoured because she is not only an exceptional blogger but moreover a freelance writer who has her own voice and is not afraid to state it. The thing that fascinated me the most was that she wrote her blog in two languages – English and French. I find it difficult enough to keep up with one  single language which isn’t my mother tongue.  Without further ado, let’s head straightaway to Carrie’s post about what it really means to write in two different languages. Continue reading


Guest Post – 5 SEO Basics For Absolute Beginners

Yeah! Here’s the second guest post in the context of FebBlogging! I’m really thrilled to announce not only an extremely entertaining but also a very helpful post written by Carina. It means a lot to me that she took the time for this because I know that she is always on the go 😉 Continue reading

Guest Post – Why I Love Blogging

I am really excited to introduce you to one of the most inspirational bloggers. Juni Desireé was one of my first followers and I remember that I first couldn’t believe that such a great blogger was following me. Since then I followed her blogging journey with a lot of joy.  She covers not only topics on writing, books, but also on life, self-improvement and on being a better person. Her writing is so refreshingly and you can immediately feel the energy she puts in her posts. Moreover, her honesty which is being reflected well in her posts will want to make you read more. If you want to learn more about her, she recently wrote a post about her personal principles which describe her lovely personality very well. However, without further ado, let’s welcome Juni, with her awesome post about why she loves blogging:

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Guest Post – 10 Unusual Things About Karen

I am really happy to announce the very first guest post on this blog 🙂

At the beginning of November, I published 10 Unusual Things About Me and tagged amongst others a lovely blogger named Karen McDonough. I stumbled over one of her blog called Flipside Of The Bikini and her amusing and entertaining posts immediately caught my attention. She also has a second blog called urbnfotos,  which is a beautiful photography journal. As none of her blog suits tags like this one, we both thought about a guest post on this blog. And now I want to lift the veil and let Karen present to you 10 unusual things about herself.

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