Why I Am Fed Up With The Healthy Lifestyle Trend

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Guest Post – 10 Unusual Things About Karen

I am really happy to announce the very first guest post on this blog 🙂

At the beginning of November, I published 10 Unusual Things About Me and tagged amongst others a lovely blogger named Karen McDonough. I stumbled over one of her blog called Flipside Of The Bikini and her amusing and entertaining posts immediately caught my attention. She also has a second blog called urbnfotos,  which is a beautiful photography journal. As none of her blog suits tags like this one, we both thought about a guest post on this blog. And now I want to lift the veil and let Karen present to you 10 unusual things about herself.

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The Time I Deleted My WhatsApp Data

My alarm clock rings at 7 am and after snoozing it several times I finally manage to open my eyes. I am still lying in my warm bed under the sheets and open my WhatsApp to check my messages. The disaster began here. On my display I am able to read the following: Welcome to WhatsApp. Please enter your number.
Waaahhh!!! Noooo!!! Please, not!! How is this possible?! WhatsApp knows already my number… I have an account… Why?!
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My Favourite YouTubers


One can say that I kind of grew up with YouTube. First I followed only German vloggers and channels but with the time I discovered American and British YouTubers. Just recently I had to clear out my subscriptions because I had too many. With this post, I would like to present you some of my favourite YouTubers. I really like them because they are in their own way special and not particularly mainstream. Continue reading