My Bucket List

I often say: “Oh, that’s going to be on my bucket list!” However, I never took the time to write it down, so I never had a proper record. But why not start now?

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Going To Church As An Atheist

A long stair with wide steps that are far apart is leading up a little hill. Behind the last step, the tread, there is a small empty place, before a majestic building. This building made out of stone bricks has two tall towers with pointed roofs on both sides rising up into the air. Between the towers, there is a centrepiece made out of slightly brighter stones. A gigantic wooden, probably oak, door opening every time someone is leaving or entering this building – the church. Inside this building probably built in the 9th century reminds of the Baroque period.  The hall is white, bright and friendly with high rising pillars. A long aisle leading to the altar. On the right-hand side, there are candles flickering. Continue reading

My Reading Goals For 2016

I actually always loved reading. I enjoy great literature. However, due to my studies, I almost lost my passion for it. During the semester, I have to read so many different textbooks and law cases that I can hardly motivate myself to read something for pleasure. Therefore, I recently have set up a Goodreads account in order to keep track of the books I read and more important to have a list of novels I would like to read. Continue reading

Cultural Shock

I smell curry, chapati and the dust from the streets. I see the huge traffic jam right in front of me – a man with his wife and their daughter on a scooter, a horse carriage loaded with a dozen gas containers and a lorry crammed with rice bags. I feel the midday sun burning on my skin and other people around me pushing from every side while walking down a crowded alley. Yes, this sounds like home to me. There I feel comfortable. Which place could this be? Do you already have a guess?

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The Time I Deleted My WhatsApp Data

My alarm clock rings at 7 am and after snoozing it several times I finally manage to open my eyes. I am still lying in my warm bed under the sheets and open my WhatsApp to check my messages. The disaster began here. On my display I am able to read the following: Welcome to WhatsApp. Please enter your number.
Waaahhh!!! Noooo!!! Please, not!! How is this possible?! WhatsApp knows already my number… I have an account… Why?!
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