Les Yeux Sans Visage – New Age ~ Me Myself And My Music

Punk’s not dead. We all know that. But Post-Punk is not dead as well. If you listen to this EP you’ll probably be thinking that they are an English New Wave band from the late 70ies or early 80ies. Sorry to disappoint you, because your guess would have been completely wrong. It’s much better because this band released their EP New Age in 2009. What even astonished me more was the fact that they are not British at all. We actually have something in common – living in Switzerland.

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Editors – The Back Room ~ Me Myself And My Music

How could I forget that I have this album in my collection? The Editors, an English rock band released in the year 2005 a what one could call indie-rock, post-punk album. The astonishing thing about it is that this powerful and well-conceived album is their debut.  However, one would never guess by only listening to it that it was produced in the 21st century as the sound reminds a lot of the post-punk wave in the 1980ies. Not only the music but also the singer’s deep voice is reminiscent of great bands like for example Joy Division or R.E.M.
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