24 Hours Advice For Exams

There are countless tips and tricks for a good exam preparation. And studying for a test doesn’t start just a day before. Especially not, when you have an important exam coming up. Nevertheless, in this blog post, I would love to share my tips you can do a day before the big day. And obviously, studying tips are not part of this post because, to be frank – who’s able to learn an entire textbook 24 hours before the exam? So better start early with learning, but this is another topic.

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20 Rules Of Blog Layout

Layout, in general, is indeed a very touchy subject. Some of us prefer vivid colours and lots of photographs or diagrams. Others love a plain website. The main reason for this huge gap is that taste is individual. However, there are some few aspects which needed to be considered when setting up your blog, because reading things on-screen makes us often skim read. Reading a book or a newspaper is much easier and not so tiring for your eyes than reading something from your laptop screen or on your mobile.
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Pressure On Word Count

You have no idea how much time I wasted with searching the right answer to my question on how many words  a blog post should be. I googled for this information several days with the hope that I eventually will know the amount of words required for a successful post. Sometimes the number 2000 showed up and I thought how the heck I am going to be able to write so much? Another word limit was 200 words which is little. And in retrospective, I know that this time-consuming search was for nothing. The only thing I got out of this search was a slowly but steadily developing self-doubt. “Are my posts long enough? I only got 900 words… Is it sufficient?” Continue reading