What To Do In Munich

Maybe you’ve already seen on my Instagram account that I’ve been to Munich for several days. And although my very first evening was not the best, due to the Munich shooting, I had amazing days! Therefore, I would love to share with you some fun things which you can do in Munich.

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6 (Almost) Free Things To Do In Edinburgh

It was a very spontaneous idea when I agreed to travel along with a good friend of mine (Carina). She had an Irish Dance competition in Edinburgh and would have gone alone. Moreover, my motivation for learning and attending courses at university was not good anyway, so I just thought, why not taking a break and accompany her. It would be also my very first time in Scotland and I was really excited about it.
We only had two days, if you subtract the two travel days, but the trip was worth every minute!
So here is the list of things we saw and did in Edinburgh, hope you enjoy it.

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