A Letter To Ana

Dear Ana,

I do not know you. I have never met you personally. However, I know that you exist because you know some of my friends. Having  common friends with you is not pleasant at all. I just want to make one thing clear from the start on – I do not want to be friends with you. I do not appreciate your existence. I dislike you for being persuasive and dominant. You are able to control the lives of others. You are able to influence the lives of others – the lives of my friends. 

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Why I Am Fed Up With The Healthy Lifestyle Trend

490 kcal for a chicken-avocado sandwich. Jogging for losing weight. Want to be thin? Healthy recipes for weight loss. New drink with 0 kcal. Boost your metabolism. Reduce fat immediately. Size 0. Revolutionary diet. Less fat, more protein. Continue reading