Why Am I Even Writing?

As you may already know, I started writing on a platform called Medium. There I published a post which inspired me to start this blogging adventure. And I thought that it would also fit perfectly in this blog. Therefore, here is an updated version of my Medium-exclusive post from August 29. Continue reading

Starting My Own Blog

In general, I always found blogging somewhat special and fascinating. I saw in movies and TV series several people writing their own blog. And for me it was something that only a very talented writer could do. It had an aspect of unattainability. I remember clearly the MTV series Awkward, where the main character, Jenna Hamilton, had her own blog. She uses it like  a public diary. The series itself had for my taste too much teen drama going on but the thought of blogging stuck in my head for some weeks. The last time I saw this series was long ago and I have almost forgotten the idea of writing and then publishing afterwards, so the entire world could read it. I also never knew anybody else who was a journalist, an author or a blogger. For me, it was a wonderful world which I only was able to see and observe from far away and will never be a part of. About three years ago I could imagine myself setting up a blog-like-page where I would document my time studying abroad. But I would only share it with my family and close friends. And this time studying abroad is not a fix plan, therefore I forgot the idea and it faded very quickly into the background. Continue reading